This web log is intended to document my training as a cook, formal or otherwise. No one actually calls me Kiko, but I like alliteration.

My name's Francisco Magdaraog. I'm a Filipino-American in California. I used to put words together into sentences for a living. My favorite movies are The Empire Strikes Back and The Professional. My wife has a better palate than I do. My dog doesn't. I have a man-crush on Anthony Bourdain.

Things you may find on this blog:

  • My basic journey from serious home cook to serious professional cook who also cooks at home. 
  • My good and bad experiences learning cooking techniques, processes, and equipment. 
  • Posts devoted to ingredients, flavors, aromas, etc. as I continue to develop my palate. 
  • Filipino cuisine. 
  • Other cuisines. 
  • General food porn. 

Things you probably won't find on this blog:

  • Posts in which I wax poetic about cooking with love. Yes, I love food, but passion is not my favorite ingredient. That would be pork belly.
  • Recipes preceded by faux Proustian remembrances of food and how (insert non-culinary activity) triggered my memory of (insert food) or vice versa. Lots of blogs do this well, so I'll leave it to them.
  • Mushrooms.