28 October 2011

Chef's Pant or Pajama?

There are a lot of things I really love about our Le Cordon Bleu chef's uniforms. I really dig the chef's jacket, of course. The upper arm pocket is a sweet (and practical) place for pens. The hat's fairly slick. Even the neckerchief has won me over.

Not the pants.

Why? Because I was in a bit of a rush this morning and, in my haste, nearly put my pajamas back on instead of my chef's pants. So, what the hell, let's play a little game...

Chef's Pant or Pajama?

The rules of this game are simple: there are three pictures of pants. They are either pajamas or chef's pants. You decide. If you win, your reward is a silent chuckle and, perhaps, some understanding of my contempt for my own pants. 

Answers below. Ready? Go!

And the answers are....

  1. Pajama
  2. Chef's pant
  3. Pajama


  1. LOL I blame Camille for buying you pajamas that look like your Chef's pants! hahahaha... she's been setting you up for it all along. :P

    They're all so close in similarity, would you get in trouble for wearing the wrong one?

  2. The pictures actually make the last two look more alike than they are, although I do wonder if anyone at school would notice.

    I'd just get reprimanded for being out of uniform... got a pretty good excuse, though, I think!

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