21 November 2011

Kitchen Lingo: Mise

Mise (meez)
Shortened form of mise en place (meez ahn plas)

In French, it means everything in its place. Google Translate says it means implementation. But in kitchen terms in gets tossed around in slightly varied ways...

1. noun: Preparation done prior to cooking. Specifically, ingredients used for cooking. More specifically, ingredients that are ready to be cooked (washed, chopped, minced, etc.).
e.g. Are there tomatoes in our mise today? 
2. verb: To retrieve and/or prepare ingredients for cooking.
e.g. I'm gonna mise before I even think about touching the stove.
3. adjective: Used to describe any piece of equipment used for mise en place.
e.g. mise cup, mise tray, etc.

Butter in a mise cup, cut into small chunks to be used to mount a sauce.

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