17 September 2011

Day 22: How to Save Hollandaise

A few weeks back, I tried and failed to make hollandaise sauce. I'd read in several places that one could save a broken hollandaise by adding warm water a little at a time and whisking like your life depended on it. As it turns out, this is not the case.

For the record, my hollandaise in class didn't break – apparently, recipes that say to make your sauce over low heat are chock full of lies. Get water boiling, then place your double boiler and turn the heat off. So that helped.

But if it did break, we were taught to get a new bowl, whisk a new egg yolk, then stream the broken sauce into the new bowl. A few people did this and it worked just fine.

Ideally, once saved, one should have a poached egg to drown in your luscious, creamy, buttery sauce.

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