23 August 2011

How Not To Do It: Hollandaise

I wish cookbooks would illustrate what failure looks like. Especially with the tricky recipes.

With that in mind, here's what completely screwed up hollandaise sauce looks like. The Wife made cupcakes last Sunday that needed egg whites. Since we had leftover egg yolks, and I was planning on making tilapia and asparagus for dinner, I figured I'd make a go at hollandaise.

As with any cooking involving egg yolks (pudding, ice cream base, etc.), you can't make it too hot and you've got to really keep it moving. Even with the double boiler thing, I think I went too hot. Anyway, this is what curdled, broken hollandaise looks like. You're supposed to be able to save it by adding additional teaspoons of hot water and whisking, but… yeah, no…

Welcome to the City of Failed Hollandaise. Population: soft scrambled egg, melted butter, lemon juice, and water. It smelled fantastic, at least.

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