15 August 2011

Day 1: Knives Out

Strangely, I can’t remember my first day with the core group of twenty or so people from my program at USC, but I can remember all the anxious exchanges with strangers in the general education electives. Maybe I’ve blocked out those initial memories with the people who eventually became friends, while all I have of the others are fleeting acknowledgements – awkward nods, half-averted glances – en route to a discussion no one really cared about.

The first day of culinary school was preceded by a lot of typical first day butterflies and featured a lot of typical first day business. I think this core group of twenty or so sticks together for the whole program, so that made me feel pretty good.

The only real differences from any other school's first day were how we responded during attendance (“Here, chef.”) and the tutorial on how to tie our neckerchiefs. Oh, and we received some basic educational supplies...

Knife set!

Yes, in addition to the chef’s uniform, we each get our own kitchen kit, complete with some basic utensils. Like a 9" chef’s knife, paring knife, 2-oz. ladle, covert button camera, wire tap device and chewing gum plastic explosives. I may have imagined some of those.

I'm one step closer to having Padma tell me to please pack my knives and go, or a vigorous game of knifey spoony.

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