29 August 2011

Fresh Food Reads

Here's some interesting food-related reading the interwebs has brought to me recently:

An organization called the Environmental Working Group has lists of food that you should or shouldn't buy organic, based on how much pesticide residue tends to stick to them. You can save some money by not bothering to buy organic versions of the "Clean 15."

Scientists have located the yeast that helped invent lager… in Argentina.

Serious Eats' quick guide to dill pickling.

Michael Ruhlman remembers the best tomato he ever ate, and provides 39 ways to eat tomatoes.

Cooking food apparently helped homo erectus evolve into homo sapiens. Nothing about the evolutionary benefits of food porn, though.

Tomato soup with mozzarella noodles from Ideas in Food.

Food photographer/blogger Jun Belen is doing the ABCs of Filipino Food. Probably you will drool while reading E is for Ensaimada.

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