18 August 2011

Day 3: Rice Into the Danger Zone

We had our first sanitation class yesterday, one of the few academic classes we have. It's fairly common sense stuff for the most part (wash your hands, people), but I did learn that we asians should have dropped dead long ago, at least according to public health code.

I routinely make a pot of rice and leave it in the cooker at room temperature for a day. Sometimes two. My mom does this, too. Our chef instructor, as it turns out, has Filipino relatives that also do this. This is what the book says is bad, because the 41-135° F range is what's known as the Temperature Danger Zone.

Apparently, I'm encouraging toxic rice spores to grow and multiply and release their toxic rice mojo into my mouth.

Asians. Living on the edge.

Oh, wait, that's a different song.

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